”Fatty Fatty”, The Heptones klassiska hit från 1966, är kanske det slutgiltiga beviset för den poäng jag försökte göra i mitt förra inlägg. ”Fatty Fatty” innehåller inte bara suggestiva sexuella referenser, den är dessutom en av de bästa låtarna från Jamaica – överhuvudtaget! Leroy Sibbles röst skänker låten dess oemotståndliga, förföriska karaktär.

Såhär berättar Leroy Sibbles om hur låten kom till:

I was in the yard playing the guitar. The other Heptones were at work. Most of the time I used to stay home and just write tunes, me alone. When they come home in the evening we just put what I wrote together. So me a fool round and this fat lady name Miss B walk in. She was short and fat, short and round, she walk like a little duck. She was a big woman to me, a middle-age woman in her thirties. We were only teenagers that time, about 17 or 18. Miss B come in and like a joke I sing, ”I need a fat girl”. Of course ”fat girl” is like a compliment to a woman here in Jamaica. From I sing that, the whole tune come together. After that every day in the bush somebody ask me to sing it. It was a hit before we even recorded it. ”Fatty” played twice on the air and then they banned it, say it will spoil the children. But that was good. Because everywhere for months and months it was ”Fatty”, on the streets, on the jukeboxes. That was when people started knowing The Heptones.