Som en liten uppladdning inför min reggaelista. Lee ”Scratch” Perry, kungen av reggae (vem är egentligen den där Bob Marley?), har några odödliga citat på sin lista.

”When I shit my enemies cry, when I speak they die.”

”I’m an artist, a musician, a magician, a writer, a singer; I’m everything. My name is Lee from the African jungle, originally from West Africa. I’m a man from somewhere else, but my origin is from Africa, straight to Jamaica through reincarnation; reborn in Jamaica. Superman comes to earth ‘cause him sick and tired; I’m not sick and tired because I’m learning what goes on, so when we get frustrated, that is when the music come down by rain drops to support all here with a broken heart and don’t know what to do. I have been programmed; many people who born again must come back to learn a lesson…have you heard of ET? I am ET, savvy? Savvy?”

”Those who love Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry music shall live forever, and those who fight against Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry shall die forever in Doomsville”